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Richard and Paula Fagre

From Longmont, Colorado  -  Heart of the Rockies

Colorado Handpainted Furniture and Art



Looking forward to meeting all sorts of new COLLECTORS!

Affectionately known as

"The Chair Lady" and  "The Bench Man"

Start your own collection of Repurposed and Upcycled Furnishings

UNIQUE and ONE-OF-A-KIND Repurposed Creations.  

Usable Art with History and a Soul!


Headboard Benches, Chairs, Tables, Dressers,

3D Art, Tissue Collages

...and so much more.

Colorado Handpainted Furniture Art


It started
with a
single chair.  
And now
these treasures 
are everywhere!

Meet the Team​


Artist: Paula Manning Fagre


It is true.  It started with a single chair.


An “orphan” that had been abandoned, was crying out to be brought back to life, and I answered the call. Suddenly it had a name, radiated with character, and found its new forever home.


More than 500 chairs later, people affectionately call me “The Chair Lady”, and it’s a name that stuck.


My art had always been chairs known as “FRONT ROW SEATS”, and each one has a name and an individual personality.


It is Usable Art. It is “Fun”iture. And, it is truly ART with a SOUL!


I can rarely pass up a chair anywhere I go – so the orphans awaiting new life are many.


I expanded my horizons, BIG TIME, in recent years to include furniture of ALL types…and I did not stop there. When you visit “The Chair Lady”, you will find 3D Wall Artscapes, Tissue Paper Collages, Vintage Signs, hand painted wine glasses & coffee mugs, and a wide array of Recycled and Upcycled unique creations.


The HOTTEST ITEMS NOW are the benches made from old HEADBOARDS.  

And this is when "The Bench Man" became an official member of the team.








Artistic Engineer: Richard Fagre


It was only a matter of time that I would be a full partner in COLORADO TREASURES.


Everything is better when you can work together.  And that is what we do.  Daily.


I design.  She re-designs.  I build.  She paints.  I hammer and drill on the wood.  And she hammers and drills on me.  It works.  And it's fun.


Everything that comes from our SHOP, and moves into our STUDIO is a work of art.  


The STUDIO is a temporary haven, however.  

Each piece is looking to find a FOREVER HOME.  

Maybe it will be with YOU.  ADOPT!



It is our hope, our dream, and our goal … to COLOR THE WORLD … one piece at a time.


Get started with your collection today.

And you too, can begin to…COLOR YOUR WORLD!

NEW HOME STUDIO:  Alcester, SD  * ~ 303-941-0307/303-941-0987 *

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