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"Granny finished off my MASTER SUITE perfectly. Let's stay in touch, my Interior Decorator is going to want me to get MORE of your beautiful work!"  

Ray - Longmont, CO

"Everything I get from you is just wonderful, Paula.

You have a special instinct for making exactly what I wanted every time. The TABLE and CHAIR SET is absolutely PERFECT....and MY LADY is adorable.

I love how you put my favorite,

the ladybug, on a HUGE sunflower.

I asked you....HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS....and your answer was...I DIDN'T KNOW I COULDN'T.

Bless you." Tami - Englewood, CO

Hall and Oates: Oh my goodness THAT IS STUNNING -ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I LOVE IT. Philip and I are going to rearrange our Master so that these fit in just perfectly. I just LOVE the "TWINS"!",  Hall" and "Oates"


Lisa ~ Berthoud

Paula, your beautiful dresser has found a happy new home! My son absolutely loves it. Thank you so much. I hope to commission another piece sometime very soon.


"Dear Paula, "The Chair Lady". "Summit Retreat" has a perfect spot in my home...and everyone who sees it, is in awe. I love this bench, and I will be back for more art from you!"  

Jaccie N- Fort Morgan, CO

Hi Paula, thank you so much for both the chair and the bench.  

I'm very excited in seeing both pieces and

I know that it will be a fantastic addition to my mountain home!  

I love the names that you came up with.

Manny - Airline Pilot - Westcliffe, CO

"OMG - I LOVE THE KING. I cannot wait to pick him up.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

Carol N. - Denver, CO


Colorado Handpainted Furniture Art

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