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Colorado Handpainted Furniture and Art

Soon, we will have an ONLINE STORE for you to purchase pieces that are still available - right here on line.


Until that time, check out the photos below.  If an item you love has already found a new FOREVER HOME  -  something very similar can be commissioned.


Remember that EVERYTHING is UNIQUE, and a ONE-OF-A KIND Item.  But letting me know what you like on my CONTACT PAGE, will send me in the RIGHT direction.   You can let me know what you are looking for in terms of colors, design, dimensions....and so much more.


Yes.....you can ADOPT your own piece of ART WITH A SOUL....or give one as a gift.  These pieces make perfect surprises for Weddings, Birthdays, a New Home, a New Baby...and it goes on and on.  It is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.  A true family heirloom!


Prices vary according to numerous factors.  But, until we get FAMOUS....prices are very reasonable for PIECES that are TRUE WORKS of ART!


PRICE RANGES - Subject to Change:  


Chairs  $75 - $200          Tables   $200 - $1500           Headboard Benches   $300 - $1500          4 Chair Dining Sets   $500 - $1500               Artwork  $100 - $1000




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