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This is where it began.

There is always a story..

I met Lynne Stenerson at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Mn.  1975.  We both graduated with Education Degrees, in 1979. We hadn't SEEN each other in almost 40 years, and at the moment of writing, we still haven't. We connected on FACEBOOK like so many of us do today, and our friendship has been magical.

Lynne, and husband, Craig Meyer, met at Gustavus as well.  Musicians!  They had been building their lives, and their home....without me knowing anything about it all.

Their home is a beautiful creation of love....and 30 years of hard work.

She saw some of my artwork...and commissioned me to paint pieces of their outdoor oasis. I did NOT know what I was in for.

She asked if I might like to paint a Christmas Gift for Craig, for Christmas. was to be keep a secret.  


I, of course, said yes.  

She sent photos, and we talked.  For hours, we chatted.

And, this is the result.  An heirloom.  And, I am grateful and honored to be a part of...

the "MAKING MEYER MEMORIES" Collection.   Love ~ Paula

PS...It is my goal to COLOR THE WORLD, one piece at a time!

Paula Manning Fagre - In the Studio

Craig and Lynne~Apple Valley, MN

Lynne would send photos like this..

...and this...

....and this!

And I would grab my paints and brushes to create this.

"Circles of Life"

"Cling to Me" and ""Table for Two"

"Open Hearth ~ Open Heart"

"Downhill from Here"

"Pergola Peace" and "You are my Rock"

Certificate of Authenticity

Merry Christmas Meyers ~ 2016

Enjoy your Heirloom Collection!

Richard and Paula Fagre

"The Chair Lady" and "The Benchman"

Alcester, South Dakota

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